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27 June 2015 @ 05:18 pm
Taking a break from snorkeling posts to talk a little bit about the U.S. Supreme Courts ruling about gay people getting married. I am delighted by this news and it made my vacation all the more better. I wrote a Facebook post that was:

"It stabs me in the heart that people are sickened and outraged by the fact that people all over America can now get married to the love of their lives if they want to. It wasn't that long ago (1967) when a white man like Sam and a Chinese woman like me, could not get married. I would be so sad if I could not marry Sam because he is my dude. Everyone should have the option to if they want."

I was happy to see that it was well received, even from the members of my Catholic Church that I grew up with. My Facebook was nearly all rainbows for the past two days. It was absolutely lovely. However, I hid it from Sams homeschooled, Baptist, very religious and narrow minded cousins who are not happy at all with the ruling. There were some entries from them that pissed me off a bit. They are nice people and are kind to me, but they believe in very opposite things than Sam and I (and even the rest of their family).

As a liberal Catholic, I hate how they ignore things like love and respect and basic human rights for another human being and claim it is because of God that they do so. I believe very firmly that people should have the freedom to believe in whatever the heck they want if it doesn't harm another person or do whatever they want to their own bodies. It is why I would never dream of preaching about my Catholic beliefs to anyone, just like I wouldn't want to be preached to about anyone else's beliefs...which is why I would never tell them any of this. I wouldn't change their minds if I did and they wouldn't change mine.

Anyway, this was all written on my phone, so I don't know if there are typos or errors, so pardon them. Anyway, back to vacation. We went snorkeling today in Savannah Bay, and I think it's my favorite snorkel place so far. I saw some squid!! Then we went to Mad Dog to eat BLTs and strawberry daquaris again. Yum!
24 June 2015 @ 07:16 pm
It's so gorgeous here. Basically we have been snorkeling our heads off. I've seen turtles, baricudas, schools of blue fish, and a sting ray!!! We wake up early, walk down to the beach snorkel, have lunch, go back to snorkeling, then have dinner, sit on our rock and look at the sunset and then at the stars.

Sometimes we eat out for lunch or dinner, sometimes we cook, sometimes we go over to the in-laws. Today, we are making pork chops. Yesterday, we hung out with the in-laws and their friends. We went to Mahoe Bay and snorkeled. Empty and gorgeous. I can't believe how empty these beaches are!!! People really don't come around to this island. June is off season too, so that helps.

After we snorkeled yesterday, we went up a mountain and there was a bar and grille up there called Hog's Heaven. I had delicious BBQ ribs and everyone else had pulled pork. So freaking good, with an incredible view of the island from above. Gah. This place is amazing.

Though, we've found ourselves exhausted at the end of the night and have only uh...done it, 2 times in the 5 days that we have been here. Plus, According to my iPhone app, I'm outside my fertile window. So any fun time we have, is probably just fun time. Haha.

(This first picture, you can see my head sticking out of the ocean. Lol)

09 February 2015 @ 02:41 pm
Sam did laundry on Saturday morning and here is a picture of Booker "helping".

Sunday, Sam and my father went to pick up some furniture that they ordered for my grandmother's new apartment. Then, we went to my grandmother's new apartment and brought it in. That apartment is nice. Way, way nicer than my grandma's current shitty apartment. There's also a friendly old Chinese lady living across the hall! They can Chinese together! This Thursday, they're going to move my grandmother in. We'll see how she reacts to it because from my previous entries about this situation, it hasn't been good. But she doesn't have a choice, so it's happening on Thursday. Hopefully, it'll be relatively painless? Wince.

After we got back from eating lunch with my dad after grandma's apartment, I completely binged on the first season of Spartacus due to my friend Lena and Kyle's nudging. Sam and I had attempted to watch it when it'd aired, but couldn't get into it. But I realize now that things are way easier to binge on when it's all laid out for you on Netflix. Dangerous, dangerous Netflix.

Also, another reminder for new (or old) LJ friends, please post a little about yourselves (or copy and paste something) here. I like to know a little about who I'm reading about!
07 February 2015 @ 05:58 pm
So today, I thought I had to photograph an engagement. February 7th. But then yesterday, I went to email the couple to confirm everything, so I rechecked my calendar, and our appointment was for March 7th!!! That is a whole month from now!!! I'm really glad I didn't go to Highline Park, where we were supposed to meet because it's outside, cold out, an hour and a half away from my apartment...and no one would have shown up.

So I was like, "Yay! A do nothing day!" But Sam and I ended up tidying up the apartment and watched Fresh Off The Boat. Super happy that show exists because as an American born Chinese person, there just aren't enough Asians represented on television. Extra awesome because the show isn't terrible. The fake Chinese accents are a bit terrible and Randall Park is a Korean man playing a Taiwanese-Chinese father, but hey, whatever. We'll take what we can get.

Anyway, Sam is out with my girl friend's husbands having a guys night. So I'm just doing bird bone head studies. Really enjoying my new Hand Book Sketchbook. Eventually, I'll play Sims 4 for a bit, and then crawl into bed and read my book. Perhaps I will be able to lure Booker over with treats so he can sit next to my legs and warm me up.