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Pizzalicious! [Mar. 3rd, 2013|11:23 pm]

Worked on thesis all day, but also took the time to make dough from scratch and then two pizzas. One with pepperoni and olives and another plain one, which wasn't as tasty because I didn't put as much sauce on it. But yeah, I woke up wanting to make homemade pizza with fresh pizza dough. Usually, I use my dad's recipe, but I left it at my old apartment and when I moved, I couldn't find it. But I found one sort of similar online.
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Hollywood VFX Protesting Oscars. [Feb. 25th, 2013|01:54 pm]
I didn't bother watching most of the Oscars last night because I was being mad at the Oscars. I watched the Les Mis cast sing, which was nice, and that was it. The Oscars completely ignored the fact that there were 400 people protesting RIGHT OUTSIDE and when the VFX guys accepted their award they started to cut them off as they were going to bring attention to how mistreated and underpaid (THEY HAVEN'T GOTTEN PAID FOR 5 WEEKS) the VFX people are. I mean, seriously? You fucking cut them off with the JAWS theme when they were trying to tell the world their mistreatment? RUDE AS FUCK. There would be no tiger in Life of Pi, if there were no VFX people. As a VFX person and animator, it's extremely frustrating. It's complete bullshit. Ugh.

Anyway, for the uninformed or people ignoring it because they think it's not important in movies, you can educate yourself with these links: Oscars Protest by VFX workers over Life of Pi, Photos of the protest, and Open Letter to Ang Lee. They deserve to have a union just like everyone else. FFFFF.

It's just infuriating because most people underestimate the CRAZY AMOUNT OF TIME and WORK that goes into making these movies. Sleepless nights and sometimes even WEEKS. Animators, VFX people, we all know the meaning of all nighters and deadlines. Even in Avengers, people don't realize HOW MUCH WORK went into it. This whole thing just makes me so angry.

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Risotto, Cookies, Bridge. [Feb. 21st, 2013|11:29 pm]

I made shrimp and pea risotto today. I'm very proud of it because it tasted amazzing. Really freaking good. I also made Citrus Honey Button Cookies which are really small and super tasty. I have been making a lot of stuff lately and they've been forthe most part, successful. Man, that risotto was so good. I used fresh shrimp too! De-freaking-licious. I thought I would have a hard time because on all the cooking shows, everyone's like, "Ooo, it's SOOO HARD TO MAKE RISOTTOOO!" And it does take a lot of babysitting, but it is so worth it. Yummy as heck.

I also ran 5 miles today and I finally went past the bridge because I was wondering what was over there. Not much, just a lot of highway, but getting there was really nice. There's a little park. The way back, the wind picked up and pelted at my face though. That wasn't very pleasant at all, crazy wind. I could literally lean forward and not fall because the wind going back was so strong. I made a panorama after the bridge, click image for a slightly bigger version.

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V-Day Night! [Feb. 8th, 2013|09:22 pm]
Due to the storm, Nemo, Sam canceled our reservation to Smith and Wollensky, which is a fancy steak place. We just didn't want to trek through snow. But! He came home early and made extremely yummy steaks and apple crumble!! He got me Swarovski stud earrings that I had been eyeing awhile ago, this giant Godiva Chocolate Heart, Fight Club and ROBOCOP(!!YAYAY!! I wanted it so bad!)!! Freaking awesome. He's amazinggg!!!

Also, I got him Looper and Prometheus on Blu-Ray. Squeeeee. We're nerds, I know. I must seem so weird that I'm more excited about Robocop than earrings.

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